Global Container Benchmarking

Global container benchmarking

As a part of the ALFA Logistics Family you benefit from several exclusive programs like Drewry’s Forwarder Benchmark Club, which enables its members to demonstrate their rate competitiveness with customers and prospects.

Supply chain business accelerator

FLENZIES is a continuously growing online platform that assembles professionals from 89 countries along the supply chain. Through simple yes or no questions, you are able to develop your business over the course of minutes instead of months.

Credit Reporting on 5 continents

Alfa family members have the opportunity to analyze the credibility of each company worldwide. More specifically, financial reports of companies in nearly 100 countries will be accessible within 24 hours, while others will take up to a maximum of only 3 days.

Bonus Loyalty Program

Thanks to our special loyalty bonus program PartnerShipPlus, our members are granted US$ 20 per shipment, both by sea and air, given that their company is routing/nominating the cargo.

Group webinars & communication

In order to inform new as well as existing ALFA members about new programs introduced by our family, we organize free online trainings and webinars. Additionally, we created a chat box to encourage pro-active communication among members.

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