The Alfa Logistics Family is managed by a team of logistics pioneers who have been active in the business since 1998. Consequently, we have had the honor to work closely together with members operating at the highest level of the freight industry. They are our references that can testify about the quality we offer as a logistics network.

issa baluch

Mr. Issa Baluch

  • Professor at Harvard University
  • Former FIATA President 2003-2005
  • Former owner of Swift Freight Dubai
  • Africa Atlantic Chairman
  • Transport Logistics USA LLC Chairman
turgut erkeskin

Mr. Turgut Erkeskin

  • Senior Vice President at FIATA
  • President & CEO at Genel Transport
  • Immediate Past President at the Turkish Freight Forwarders Association (UTIKAD)
thomas sim

Mr. Thomas Sim

  • Senior Vice President at FIATA
  • Director at Top Ocean Group in Singapore

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