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I’m sure all the special Alfa programs are going to help us, especially in cutting costs. They are very convenient to every single one of us.

Archie Joey Rolluqui, Philippines

The member quality is really good business-wise, but also on a personal level. With each one, I feel like I’m part of a big family.

Betül Başer, United States

The conference atmosphere is amazing. The set up and the effort that went into the organization is amazing.

Adnan Kahn, Malta

The benefits are excellent, it really is worth it to be a member. I will 100% recommend the Alfa Logistics Family to others.

Butti Shivarai Vkateshwar Raj, India

I think the conference atmosphere is really great. From the beginning, I got the feeling that I am part of a family. Everything looks very good and the people are very nice.

Georg Schneider, Chili

The Alfa conference is very different from other logistics conferences. There’s a lot of middle-sized companies, but they are all very productive and interesting people.

Azadeh Sadegh, Greece

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