How to find the best logistics partner for your company?

As a logistics professional, it is of crucial importance that your cargo is delivered on time and in all security. With so many potential partners to choose from nowadays, it can be difficult to work out which one is exactly right for you. Here are some tips to find a reliable freight forwarder that will help you achieve your business goals.

Take your time

While it may be more appealing to just go for the fastest or easiest option, thoroughly researching your choice is really worth it in the long run. At the Alfa Logistics Family, we like to do this work for you. That is why all of our members have access to our online portal, which contains an updated list with all of our members and their most important information.

Take a look at their financial records

Are you running a healthy company and do you want to keep it that way? Then you know it is important to choose financially stable partners, especially during uncertain times like these. Hence, the Alfa Logistics Family offers its members credit reports for every company worldwide.

Do they really want to work with you?

The best partners are the ones that tell you why they really want to work with you and how they are going to do it. If a freight forwarder is not putting much effort into the collaboration, or if they are not very transparent about their operations, you should probably just skip them altogether.

Get to know its staff members

A freight forwarder is only as good as its team. It should be well-balanced and experienced, which is why you should try to get to know the individual team members. Who is working for the company and what are their specializations? Social media tools like LinkedIn are perfect for this.

Do you want to join our logistics family?

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