Congestion in Yantian and the neighbouring ports seems to be easing, according to Chicago-headquartered logistics software provider Four Kites. The company sees evidence for an improvement in the continuous decline of dwell times across pickup and discharge categories.

After amounting to a peak of 27 days during the week of 13 June, dwell time for loading has started to return to normal, reaching eight days during the week of 20 June. The trend was even stronger concerning the discharge of imports. In the course of the week of 13 June, dwell time for discharge went down from 23 days to four days — from the previous week.

In a press release, Four Kites said: “It seems that the port has taken some initiatives to normalise operations, and is trying to speed up the discharging process.” Dwell time for discharge remained stable in the week of 20 June. (cd)


Photo:  Mariusz Bugno /