In February, 38.5 million passengers were mobilized to, from and within Latin America and the Caribbean, 13.4% higher vs. the same period in 2023.

Growth was evident in all segments: Domestic market experienced an 8.6% increase, reaching 19.7 million passengers carried. International market grew by 19%, amounting to 18.8 million passengers.
“February 2024 set a milestone as the best February ever in air passenger traffic for Brazil, Colombia and Mexico,” highlights José Ricardo Botelho, ALTA’s Executive Director & CEO, in the Traffic Report developed by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).

Colombia recorded a 37% growth in international traffic, carrying 1.7 million passengers, followed by Brazil with a 29% increase, exceeding for the first time the 2 million passengers carried in February with a total of 2.07 million, and Mexico stood out with a 13% increase with 4.9 million international passengers.
“En febrero, se contabilizaron cerca de 306 mil vuelos, mostrando un incremento del 9% con respecto al año anterior. Los vuelos nacionales aumentaron un 3% a 172.799, mientras que los vuelos internacionales crecieron un 19% alcanzando 133.199. La capacidad de asientos en la región alcanzó los 47.3 millones, un aumento del 19% en el mercado internacional y un crecimiento más modesto del 2% en el mercado nacional”, destaca Botelho.

“In February, about 306 thousand flights were recorded, showing a 9% increase vs. the previous year. Domestic flights increased 3% reaching 172,799, while international flights grew by 19% achieving 133,199. Seat capacity in the region reached 47.3 million, a 19% increase in the international market and a more modest 2% growth in the domestic market,” Botelho highlights.

“ALTA’s report reflects once again that aviation is an essential service for more and more people. Therefore, once again we ask ourselves why not further boost its growth for the benefit of our countries and their people? why not face together alarming challenges such as high judicialization against operators, improving infrastructure that in many cases fails to meet current and future demand, disproportionate and -sometimes- unrelated costs such as fees, taxes and contributions, fuel that is substantially more expensive in LAC vs. other regions and the lack of government support with highly efficient regulations?,” ALTA’s CEO emphasizes.

Aviation has a great potential in the region

International market:

• Venezuela recorded a 66% increase in international passengers
• The Dominican Republic experienced a 15% rise, reaching 1.6 million passengers. The Punta Cana (PUJ)-New York (JFK) route grew by 35%
• International traffic from Argentina climbed 22% to 1.1 million passengers, and international traffic from Chile grew by 24% to 1.07 million passengers.
Domestic market:
• Brazil: Experienced a 3% growth, with 6.8 million passengers mobilized. A highlight was the 89% increase in flights between Rio de Janeiro (GIG) and Guarulhos (GRU)
• Colombia: Recorded a 6% growth, carrying 2.45 million passengers. The Bogota (BOG) – Medellin (MDE) and San Andres (ADZ) – Bogota (BOG) routes experienced 16% and 64% significant increases, respectively
• Mexico: Showed a 1% decrease in passenger traffic, amounting to 4.4 million, which, despite indicating an improvement, still falls short of 2023 levels. In addition, the top five domestic routes saw a 11% reduction
• Argentina: Showed a 4% growth, carrying 1.3 million passengers, showing an improvement vs. January
• Chile: Exhibited a notable 21% increase in domestic passengers, reaching 1.5 million. Special mention should be made of the 20% increase in flights on the Puerto Montt (PMC)-Santiago (SCL) route
• Venezuela: Recorded a significant 44% increase in domestic traffic, reaching 188,273 passengers, driven by the growth of the Caracas (CCS)-Barcelona (BLA) and Caracas (CCS)-Maturín (MUN) routes
• Panama: Stood out with a solid 88% growth, with a total of 62,261 domestic passengers, the most significant route being Bocas del Toro (BOC)-Panama (PTY), with an almost 200% increase.

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