Container shortages forces to look into other options

Renting containers has increased in popularity as businesses and individuals discover their value as a versatile storage solution with a multitude of functions and innovative uses.

If you have decided to rent a container, but find yourself wondering where to start, Kashief Schroeder – Co-founder and director of Container Intermodal Trading (CIT) – has 5 top tips for you:

Remember the liabilities of container usage

Firstly, be very clear about what you are going to use the container for and comprehensively specify this to your container company.

“A container is far more than just an empty shell for storage space, which many are not aware of. You get specific containers suitable for goods that need to be transported or stored at specific temperatures, as an example.

Remember that a container company also needs to protect itself against the possibility of being held liable for any damages or spoils for whatever you are going to place in the container, so any reputable container company is going to need as much information about your intentions for the container as possible,” states Schroeder.

Be prepared the leasing company will check your credentials

Containers are an enormous expense for the companies that rent them out as part of their services, and many container companies have fallen victim to significant losses when individuals have absconded with their hired container.

“For this reason, know that is highly likely that a container company will run a credit check on you in order to see if there are any red flags that they need to be aware of. It is also far easier to put your container company at ease if you rent the container through an existing business, as they can therefore be assured that they will be able to get hold of you in case there are any issues with outstanding payments,” Schroeder adds.

Long time usage … than you better buy them yourselves

“Containers for long term rent, can also be significantly custom made at minimal costs,” Schroeder enthuses. “One of the latest trends is that many people are actually using containers as their primary residence, especially the younger generations or individuals with large families that need some extra rooms on their property.

A reputable container company will be able to turn a container into an astonishing home, office, business or even a school. Dream it, plan it, provide your wish list and you will be surprised at how affordable this option can be for you.”

Choose for a reliable container company

Kashief says that proper research on the container company of choice is imperative to protecting yourself from subpar service.

“Make sure that they have been around for a while. If you can, find reviews of what other people’s experiences with the company has been like. Also check if the company has verified and credible social media pages, as you will be able to tell if they are actively engaging with their customers that way, and of course what others have to say about them.”

Be aware of container damages

This includes making sure your container company is able to transport it to where you need it, that the ground on site is suitable and that they have a secure space available at the desired premises if you simply want to rent a container for special storage.

It also always pays to read the fine print in the agreement you sign and take care of the container if it is in your possession, as many contracts will state that you incur expenses for any damage. Schroeder concludes: “Offering new an