October 2020 saw Harren Group take a 50 percent stake in Americas breakbulk specialist Intermarine. Svend Andersen was brought in as Intermarine’s ceo, and the carrier tied its Americas liner service to SAL Heavy Lift’s global heavy lift trade.

Intermarine has since expanded to service clients in Asia and Europe, increased the size of its fleet from six to 25 vessels, and partnered with project and breakbulk cargo specialist WeShip Projects to launch Intermarine Asia.

Harren Group has now decided to acquire the outstanding shares in Intermarine, which will continue operating as an independent brand alongside SAL Heavy Lift.

Andersen said: “When Martin Harren and I discussed the business plan for Intermarine two years ago, it was clear that we should build on its existing strong brand and legacy and keep focused on our core competency – our reliable and regular breakbulk shipping in the Americas. Since that discussion, we have expanded the business with offices in Brazil, Denmark, and most recently Bangkok. Today the Intermarine brand stands strong and in lockstep with that of SAL.”

Richard Seeg, president of Intermarine, added: “The last two years have been busy – we have re-established Intermarine as the go-to multipurpose carrier in all the Americas. We focus on reliable transportation for our clients in the oil and gas, mining, power generation and infrastructure industries, through our regular liner and chartering services. While SAL and the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance focus more on complex, heavy project cargos, we continue to find synergies that are beneficial for our individual and mutual customers with the vessels and services available through both of our services.”

The transfer of shares was completed on November 16, 2022 and has no effect on the current operations or the commercial obligations of either Intermarine or the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance.

Dr. Martin Harren, ceo of the Harren Group, said: “SAL and Intermarine support each other – our breakbulk clients benefit from more vessel positions and a wider range of services looking holistically at the business. But just as important – each company contributes to the growth of the entire group, enabling us to continue to invest and develop our businesses and fleets for the long-term future. So, you can say that the success of one becomes the success of the other.”

Copyright: David Kershaw, courtesy of HLPFI