Today we talked to Gemma Phuong Le from Hanoi, Vietnam. She told us everything about how the COVID-19 pandemic made her work more efficient and about why she loves working in the logistics industry. 


How did you get started in the logistics industry and what has your journey been like so far?

Before joining the logistics industry, I worked in a production control department for a Japanese factory for some years (a vendor producing plastic parts for LG, Panasonics, Yamaha, Honda…) and then worked as a merchandise for an Australian garment trading company (they get and produce for brand names like Nike, Lululemon, CK, AEO…).

I have been working in the logistics industry for long time, in the role of sales support position: offering both air and sea, find the best solution for all kinds of projects including warehouse, door service, cross border… to develop both nominated and freehand shipments for the company. 

What are your company’s goals in the next 5 years?

I am excited to share this goal of ours with you. Firstly, we will build a professional and high-quality team. Next, we are going to build and maintain a regular and stable source of assigned goods with potential overseas agents.

Finally, we will promote the advantages of sea and air freight, warehouse and cross border projects to the main ports in the USA, EU, and Asia.
This will help to make Super Cargo Services to become one of the biggest logistics brands in Vietnam.

How did COVID-19 impach your business?

Wow this is very interesting question to share. In fact, in the first 1-2 months of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, we were all shocked and confused by the rapid decrease in the quantity of goods. Soon after, I continued to search and found that there are still many import and export opportunities during the pandemic.

We work from home, so it doesn’t take much time to travel to the company. Therefore, more time is spent on work and the quiet environment makes work highly efficient. A lot of inquiries are coming to us daily, which means there is a great chance for us to grow our business.

What do you like about the industry and why?

Working in the logistics industry is dynamic, busy, and stressful, but every day is different. Overcoming challenges gives me the joy of success. Of course the income is also good if you work hard. You will also have many wide and interesting relationships.

What do you do in your spare time?

Listen to music and of course shopping to spend money.

— Thanks, Gemma!