Dear members,

We regret to inform you that the ALFA Logistics Family has decided to terminate the membership of the company Alawan Almotamaiz Corp in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with immediate effect.

Various critical and failing communications, disrupted service facilities and financial complaints in relation with Alawan Almotamaiz Corp in Jeddah have left our logistics network with no other alternative whatsoever than to terminate their membership today.

Furthermore the service disruption resulting in additional costs for his colleague ALFA member
without accepting an amicable Arbitration procedure as specified in our ALFA rules and regulations,
is a clear violation of our ALFA code of ethics, and as such Alawan Almotamaiz Corp cannot be considered any longer as a trustworthy partner of our logistics family.

We kindly invite all our members to report within the next 7 calendar days if Alawan Almotamaiz Corp in Jeddah has any payments due with your company. After this date we can no longer accept any reported outstanding as they will be not covered by our Payment Protection Plan.