In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked a couple of mothers from our network to share their experience with motherhood and how they combine it with a job in logistics. You can read the perspectives of Ruth, our Event & business coordinator and Lyanne, our Managing Director below. Happy reading!

How do you balance your career in logistics with the needs of your family as a mother? What strategies or tips have you found effective?

Ruth: “It is not always easy to find the balance, but I’ve come to understand the vital role of planning in achieving it. I’m fortunate to receive wonderful support from both my family and my family in-law when it comes to caring for the kids. I strive to maintain a clear distinction between work time and family time, recognizing that each deserves its dedicated focus.”

Lyanne: “The key for me has been to start my day early; I wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 AM. This early start allows me to prepare everything for both myself and my daughter without the rush. By the time she wakes up, we’re ready to enjoy some calm, quality time together before my day at the office begins. I typically arrive at work by 7:30 AM, feeling organized and ready to tackle the day.” 

Smaragda: “Navigating a career in logistics while having a family and raising two daughters is a substantial challenge. I moved from Greece to Belgium 15 years ago as a single person, and only when we started our family did I realize that collaboration at home is just as important as in the workplace.”

Could you describe a typical day for you as a mom working in logistics? How do you navigate the unpredictability of your work schedule?

Ruth: “In our ever-changing industry, you gradually discern what takes precedence and prioritize accordingly, ensuring essential tasks are tackled first.  Adaptability becomes key, with flexibility in working hours, as evenings often present their own advantages.”

Lyanne: “My role in logistics requires flexibility and the ability to adapt to unexpected changes. Becoming a mother has enhanced my ability to let go of what I can’t control. On a typical day, I focus on navigating through challenges as they arise, maintaining a mindset of acceptance and resilience. This approach not only helps me manage my professional responsibilities effectively but also sets a positive example for my daughter about handling life’s unpredictabilities.”

Smaragda: “I’m an early riser, usually up by 5:30 AM when a typical day for me begins. On those days when I head out early for work, my husband steps in to help our daughters with their morning routine. When I’m working from home, I cherish those moments before starting work. After work, it’s family time, helping with homework, having dinner together, and discussing our day. And then there are those days when we’re all worn out and we might find ourselves lounging on the couch, too tired to talk or cook, so we order in and just enjoy our quiet moments.”

What message would you like to share with fellow working mothers in the logistics industry?

Ruth: “You are strong! Embrace opportunities fully while also cherishing moments with your family at your own pace.”

Lyanne: “My advice is to establish clear and precise arrangements with your childcare provider. It’s crucial to communicate your needs and your child’s needs thoroughly, which significantly reduces anxiety and ensures that your child is cared for according to your standards. Prioritize this planning; it allows you to focus on your work with a peaceful mind, knowing your child is in good hands. Stand firm on what matters most to you and your family—it’s vital for maintaining your well-being and ensuring you can perform your best both at home and at work.”

Smaragda: “My role often requires travel and flexibility, and my husband’s support has been contributing to our family’s success, parallel to managing his own career. To my fellow working mothers: having a supportive partner can transform the challenge of balancing a career and family life. It’s about teamwork, mutual support, and understanding that both parents are integral to the family’s overall health and happiness.

But then remember, it all starts with you: Embrace a job you love! This passion fills you with energy and new ideas, helps you stay upbeat and proactive—qualities that make family life more vibrant and fulfilling. Your enthusiasm for moving forward in your career can inspire your family to pursue their own passions and goals with the same vigor.”