16pct of ports report increased vessels activities year-on-year

Several trends are outlined in the Covid-19 Port Economic Impact Barometer for H1/2020 published by the IAPH.

The report, which was compiled by a dedicated Task Force operating under the World Ports Sustainability Programme (WPSP), summarises responses from 85 ports from around the world.

Amongst many other findings, some 56% of the ports are now reporting similar numbers of container vessel arrivals comparable to the same period last year, which is the highest percentage to date.

With generalised lockdowns now limited, the return of vessels and the lower numbers of blank sailings continues, albeit at a slower pace. About 16% of the respondents even point to increased vessel activity.

By comparison, the share of ports reporting that the calls by other cargo vessel types remains rather stable compared to a normal situation fluctuated between 46 and 59%, with the lowest shares recorded in weeks 18 to 21 and in week 36.

In the latter week however, about 14% of ports reported a rise of more than 5% in other cargo vessel activity compared to last year, the highest figure since the start of the Barometer