Sea-Intelligence, a Copenhagen-based maritime intelligence provider, has updated its schedule reliability figures up to and including July 2021. The report covers the relevant data from 34 trade lanes and more than 60 carriers.

While schedule reliability is not getting any worse, it is not getting better either, remaining around 35%-40%. In July 2021, this level dropped by 3.8 percentage points to 35.6%. In comparison to the same period in 2020, schedule reliability fell by dramatic 39.7 percentage points.

The level of delays in 2021 has been the highest for each month compared to previous years. Maersk Line was the most reliable carrier in July 2021, with schedule reliability of 47.3%.

Hamburg Süd was the only other carrier to score a rating higher than 40%, with only four carriers between 30%-40%, six between 20%-30%, and the remaining two under 20%. None of the top 14 carriers recorded an improvement in this field in 2021 compared to 2020. (cd)