THE Alliances announce changes in their current services

THE Alliance, made up of ocean carriers Hapag-Lloyd, Yang Ming, Ocean Express Network (ONE) and HMM, have announced changes to a large number of services for November.

In a statement, THE Alliance said: “In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the members of THE Alliance have been making service adjustments to better align their resources with the fluctuating demand in the global shipping market.”

What are the changes to the Asia sailings of THE Alliance

In Asia and North Europe strings, the FP1/FP2/FE2/FE3 will maintain weekly sailings in November, except for the FE2 sailing in Week 45 and FE3 sailing in Week 47. The FE4 is temporarily suspended.

THE Alliance will continue the Extra Loader Programme with sailings in Week 45 to 48 in November. Participation of the Extra Loader Programme will be separately advised by respective lines.

In Asia and the Mediterranean strings, the MD1/MD2/MD3 will maintain their weekly sailings in November, except for in Week 45 – MD2, MD3 void, Week 48 – MD1 void.

In Transpacific – West Coast strings, all PSW and PNW loops will maintain their weekly sailings in November except for the following PS3 Asia-India-Asia leg: PS3 Asia to India – Week 44, 46 void, and PS3 India to Asia – Week 46, 48 void.

In Transpacific – East Coast strings, all USEC loops will maintain their weekly sailings in November except for EC3 – Week 45, 48 void.

In Asia – Middle East strings, the AG1 will remain merged with AG3, and AG2 & AG3 will maintain all sailings in November.

In Transatlantic strings, all Atlantic sailings will be maintained except Week 46 – AL1, AL4 void, Week 48 – AL1 void.

“Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, THE Alliance has acted with speed and agility to keep supply chains moving and have done everything in their power to continue doing so.

The members of THE Alliance would like to thank their customers for their support and understanding in these unprecedented times,” the statement added.

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