Creating new business opportunities has become a challenge  for freight forwarders due to the increasingly competitive logistics industry. However, implementing a couple of small adjustments to your day-to-day operations can make all the difference. Below, we sum up a couple of our recommendations.

Embrace technology

We understand that keeping up with the latest technological developments can be challenging, but it really is worth it. An example is CargoWise One, a logistics software solution available to all members of the Alfa Logistics Family. Amongst other things, the platform offers its users an integral link to the global supply chain, which immediately puts their global connections within easy reach.

Focus on inside sales

Even though freight forwarders usually focus on outside sales, inside sales, also knows as remote sales, are becoming increasingly important. Contacting prospects over the phone, email or the internet enables you to get a clearer view of what they exactly want and need before following up.

Don’t stop communicating

Communication is just one easy way to set your company apart from your competitors. Yet, most freight forwarders still don’t pay enough attention to this advice. Failing to return that one phone call or email can make the difference between a missed and closed deal, while continuous and open communication with clients and prospects will always benefit your profits. On top of that, a well-prepared and structures communication plan ensures that every single customer or prospect feels treated in a special way.

Give your clients a custom treatment

Even though every single client is important, they all need to be handled in a different manner. That’s why it can help to distinguish two type of clients. The first type are clients in which you need to invest more time and effort, but which also generate more revenue. The second type are clients who are less time-consuming, but also bring less profit to your company.

By dividing your clients in these two categories, it becomes easier for you to approach each client in a way that matches their expectations. In turn, this will also enable you to find more business opportunities and close more deals.

Join a logistics network

Why would you keep on struggling on the local level if you can join a logistics network that will open up your business to the entire world and immediately brings new business opportunities? By joining a logistics network like the Alfa Logistics Family, you immediately get access to new business partners and opportunities all over the world. On top of that, we apply a multiple membership protection and only allow a limited amount of forwarders per region. This prevents network saturation and internal competition.

Are you interested to become part of the Alfa Logistics Network or do you have a question about our numerous member benefits? Don’t hesitate to apply or contact us.